February 4 and 5 psychotherapeutic seminars by Tatyana Sizikova

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Seminar Topics:

"Children's injuries - their impact on adulthood and ways of correction & raquo and" Family Ecology ".

Tatyana Ilinichna Sizikova - An outstanding psychologist, therapist and the first certified trainer in the European Association of Transactional Analysis - EATA). She studied in England in the Northern Guild of Psychotherapists and Counselors of Great Britain. It has tremendous intuition, the ability to hear, see, feel and understand conflicting internal motives, needs, desires of a person, as well as make conversations with clients as effective as possible in a short time of a meeting.

According to Tatyana Sizikova, psychological trauma is a reaction to significant events for a person, which leads to long-term emotional experiences. The cause of the injury can be deception, betrayal, disappointment, injustice, violence, death of a loved one, experiences of loss, any crisis, illness.

During the seminars, the psychologist will tell you how to integrate negative life events into your worldview and thereby turn trauma into experience. Usually it’s children's psychological injuries that are most unconscious, deep inside and seeming invisible, that affect a person’s life. Any violation of family relationships does not pass without a trace for anyone, but for a child this factor becomes decisive.

The seminars will present elements of the theory of child development, as well as practical exercises for researching and living on their own experience.

Topics to be addressed:

  • awareness of feelings at every moment in time;
  • problems in contact with loved ones (spouse, children, friends);
  • belief in responsibility for the feelings and behavior of others;
  • the belief that the other person will change at our request;
  • Attempts to take responsibility for the marriage of our parents or friends;
  • desire for personal success to please parents;
  • excessive control of their feelings and the feelings of others.

Time spending: February 4-5 (Saturday, Sunday) 11: 00-18: 00 with a lunch break.

Cost of workshops: 7000 rub. (3500 rub. / 1 ​​seminar).

You can get additional information and sign up by calling:

8 (495) 629 07 36, 8 (967) 052 43 85.


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