Lecture "Emotions in Buddhist Yoga. Their Meaning, Control and Use"

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May 23 19: 00-21: 00

Emotions make up a significant part of our human lives. They make us suffer, distort our perceptions, force us to do things that we later regret. On the other hand, emotions allow us to enjoy life, motivate us to develop, act for the benefit of others. The two sides of emotions seem inextricably intertwined, but is it really so?

Buddha’s teaching helps to learn to distinguish between positive and negative emotions, not on the basis of culturally determined moral values, but on the basis of knowledge of one’s own mind and first-hand experience of how emotions are formed and affect our entire existence. Buddhist practices based on mind control and special discriminating wisdom help to practically apply this knowledge to eliminate the harmful aspect of emotions, while using their powerful potential and energy. The lecture will focus on what methods of gaining emotional balance exist in various systems of Buddhist practice.

Seminar author and presenter Igor Berkhin has over 20 years of practice experience and over 10 years of teaching Buddhist meditation. Since 1991, when he first encountered the bearers of tradition, Igor Berkhin was also a translator at dozens of retreats of many teachers of various directions. The translations made by Igor became a huge help for all those who studied and are studying Buddhism in Russian. Interpretations and written translations of Igor Berkhin are always distinguished by a clear syllable and accuracy of wording.
Being well acquainted with various Indo-Tibetan and Far Eastern contemplative traditions, Igor Berkhin successfully adapts the centuries-old experience of meditative practices to the modern conditions of a megalopolis resident, while preserving the essence of traditional knowledge.

The cost of participation is 500 rubles.

Location: Cultural Center "White Clouds", metro station Kitay-Gorod, metro station Chistye Prudy, ul. Pokrovka, 4. Phone (495) 623 49 69.

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