Sivananda Yoga Training

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04 august
August 4
600-800 rub

August 4 in Arkhangelsk at 19:00 training in Sivananda Yoga


As part of the Om-tour, which will unite 16 cities of Russia, a significant training will be held in Arkhangelsk, dedicated to yoga and awareness.

Training Topics:

- safe and effective workout;

- complex "Greeting to the sun";

- basic asanas for beginners and continuing;

- relaxation and meditation technique.

As a result of the training, all participants will receive knowledge, based on which they can study at home. Those who wish can purchase a video course for their own practice. A memo for this set will be published on the meeting wall after the training.



Zap - //

Coordinator in Arkhangelsk

Ksenia - //

tel. +7 (911) 590-86-76

Other cities: see the list and links to meetings in the main group //

And further!

“When we devote time to self-development, we grow. Then we are not afraid of old age, or death, or disease, or poverty. We begin to learn our true nature and get at the disposal of the power of energy dissolved in the Universe. Yoga can make us healthy, happy, beautiful very quickly. How? You will find out at our meeting! Come! We are pleased to share with you what we know! " West

Watch the video: Sivananda Teacher Training Course, November 2108 (April 2020).

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