Master classes by the deepest dive athlete in the world

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The deepest dive athlete in the world will give master classes at the Maldivian resort of Soneva Fushi.
In April, a guest of the Soneva Fushi eco-resort will be the world freediving record holder - Herbert Nitsch. Herbert will give freediving lessons to guests of the resort, and such an experience will be the first of its kind for the Maldives.

Herbert became the owner of such a prestigious title in 2007, having dived to a depth of 214 meters (702 feet), holding his breath for 9 minutes. The number of world records set by Herbert is 32, in more than 8 disciplines.

For the guests of Soneva Fushi, Herbert will conduct theoretical and practical classes along with Soneva Fushi freediver Ken Ken Kiriyama. Classes are provided for both adults and children.

The theoretical part will cover a lot of aspects, such as deep relaxation, breathing techniques, and Herbert will share knowledge on how to skillfully hold your breath. All these techniques will help students to see with their own eyes the most beautiful “house” of the reef, plunge into the surrounding beauty of the underwater world, get to know better its inhabitants, for example, large turtles.

“A person’s learning and striving for new results can be compared with overcoming psychological barriers and limits, achieving new goals,” says Nietzsc.

Guests of Soneva Fushi can book a 9-hour course from April 14 to 26, 4 people can participate in each session. The cost of the course per person is $ 1200.

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