Yogis and their pets: a selection of the cutest photos

"The one who says you can't buy happiness never bought a puppy." Wilfred P. Lampton

“The dog is holy. She is naturally direct and honest. She feels when she is not up to her and can lie still for hours while her idol is busy. When the owner is saddened, she puts his head on his lap.” Did everyone leave you? You think! Let's go for a walk and everything will be forgotten! " Excel mant

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If the dog is all you have, you're still a rich man Louis Sabin

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The best thing a person has is a dog Tussen Nikola Charle

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The greatness of the country and the moral state of its people are judged by the way they treat animals in it. Mahatma Gandhi

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If only people could love like dogs, the world would become paradise. James Douglas

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God help me to be the kind of person my dog ​​thinks of me ... Janusz Leon Wisniewski

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