How to start yoga after 50 years

Where and why it is better to start. The heroine of the project "Age of Happiness" answers.

Regardless of age, it is better to start practicing yoga with an instructor, as there are many nuances in yoga that are difficult to notice when learning from a book or video.

If this is your first time attending a yoga class, notify the instructor. He will certainly ask about the state of health and offer at the very beginning some simplifications that help to move gently from simple to complex.

It is believed that after 50, everyone has signs of osteochondrosis, joint stiffness, although this can also be the case with 30-year-olds. In this case, you should be careful about deep inclines and, possibly, limit yourself only to the right angle between the trunk and legs, so as not to harm the lower back.

The direct spine is very important during most of the asanas and breathing practices. Therefore, it is good to sit on a dais - to put another rug, a blanket, a brick, then it is easier to keep your back straight, without falling through your lower back.

A good start can be given by Iyengar yoga, where it is customary to use various devices (props) to facilitate the performance of asanas. But, unfortunately, Iyengar studios do not pay due attention to pranayamas.

Beginners need to know about the safety of twisting in a lying position and the danger of sitting and standing, since not everyone can hold their back strictly upright during twisting at first.

If you have serious health problems, you should either start practicing in group classes of yoga therapy, or generally individually so that the yoga therapist selects a program for you

Watch the video: The 5 Stages of Starting Yoga as an Older Adult. Gentle Yoga for Seniors (April 2020).

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