5 asanas for slim legs

Poses to help open your hips.

It is useful to perform asanas for the opening of the hips not only for the possibility of complicating the practice, but also for beautiful legs. Practice these 5 asanas regularly to have slender and fit legs.

Eka Pada Adho Mukha Shwanasana

Standing in Adho Mukha Shwanasan, lift your right leg. Raised leg and back form a straight line. If this is not yet available, keep your foot at a height that is convenient for you.

Push your chest down, push with your supporting leg so that the other rises higher. Breathe smoothly, try to relax. This will help the muscles to stretch more, and it will be easier for you to raise your leg.

Utthan pristhasana

Bring your raised leg forward and place it on the floor so that the knee is above the ankle. Keep your back leg straight, with your toes resting on the floor. On the exhale, lower the body, put your forearms on the floor.

Reach for the top of your head to straighten your back. Lower your pelvis to stretch your hips. Feel your leg muscles relax and stretch more. With each exhalation, go down below. If your back is curving, place your palms on the floor.


Put your palms on the floor. As you exhale, unfold the body and bent leg toward the straight leg. Toes and knee are directed forward. Keep your knee above your ankle. The foot of the straight leg is fully pressed to the floor. Both feet are on the same line.

Hip of bent leg parallel to the floor. Put your palms under your shoulders, if available - bring your hands forward to lean toward the floor. Pull the pelvis back to feel the extension of the thigh muscles. Reach for the top of the head and keep your back straight.


Sit in Baddha Konasana. Move your right foot to your left knee. Left foot - under the right knee. If the hip joints are not sufficiently mobile - put your right foot on the calf muscle of the left leg.

If you are comfortable in position, lean forward. Reach for the crown, sciatic bones rest on the floor. Watch your knees. If there is pain - get out of the situation. Breathe calmly, relax. Pay attention to the thigh muscles.


Lie on your back. Bend your left leg and put it close to the buttocks. Bend your right leg and place your foot just above the left knee. As you exhale, grab your left leg and pull it to your chest.

While in the asana, do not fall on your side. Your back should lie completely on the floor. With each exhale, lower your legs closer to your chest, and lower back against the floor.

Throughout the complex, keep a calm and deep breath. Be relaxed, do not try to enter a pose through strength. If the final version of the asana is not available - simplify. With regular practice, the muscles will gradually stretch, and you can take the final position.

Watch the video: 5 Yoga Poses for Slim Thighs and Hips (April 2020).

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