Try Siberia to taste!

We present to you the partner of the triathlon Wanderlust 108 - the Siberian Health Corporation.

Friends, we present to you the partner of the triathlon Wanderlust 108 - the Siberian Health Corporation.

WILD SIBERIAN HERBS - AROUND THE GLOBE! A positive, sports, environmentally friendly and one hundred percent Siberian company has been producing natural products for health and beauty on the basis of wild Siberian herbs for twenty years. For twenty years they share their discoveries with the whole world - environmentally friendly products from their assortment can be found in 40 countries on three continents. In Europe, the USA, India, Vietnam, Mexico and the CIS countries, hundreds of thousands of people know and love these environmentally friendly Siberians.

ALL OWN: NATURE, SCIENCE, PRODUCTION. Our own Research Center and our own production allow us to produce affordable, effective and safe products for the care of health and beauty (the lines are certified according to the most modern ISO and GMP standards, and parabens, sulfates and phthalates are excluded in the formulations). The main areas are endoecology, chronobiology, adaptive medicine and micronutrientology.

SPORT AS A PART OF LIFE. Life is in motion! Several years ago, the Siberian Health Corporation strengthened the sports component by offering professional athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts new environmentally friendly product lines - Siberian Super Natural Sport sports nutrition and Body Compliment fitness series.

ECOLOGY BEGINS AT HOME! As long as there is a global struggle to protect the environment somewhere, you can safely practice the eco-approach right at home! Environmentally friendly products for cleaning rooms and bathrooms, for washing and washing dishes made on the basis of vegetable surfactants from wheat, beets, oils of fir, arborvitae and cedar. Meet Greenpin, a fighter for the green world right in your apartment!

CHILDREN - HAPPINESS FROM NATURE! Where without the little tomboys! In assortment - Siberian health "

  • "Vitamama", an environmentally friendly line of products for the care of children from birth to 12 years,
  • Children's vitamins (try to hide the Golden Fish with omega-3 from your child!),
  • Bars "Loputop" with healthy fruits and active ingredients.
Children should be happy by nature!

Who, if not Siberians, knows everything about good health?
Try wild Siberia to taste! You'll like it!

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