Yogic diet: basic rules

What diet promotes spiritual improvement and improves practice?

In a world obsessed with healthy eating, a lot of nutritional theories have been divorced about how to lose weight and eat beneficially. Often they contradict themselves, which is why it is not clear which one is really effective. In this article, we will take the yoga diet as a basis - a way of eating that in every way contributes to successful yoga practice and spiritual progress.

Why have yogis since ancient times been wondering, "how to eat right?" It’s hardly because they wanted to lose weight and post photos of their slim body on Instagram. No. The thing is that nutrition is directly connected with consciousness, with the way of our thoughts, with the quality of meditation. Bad food provokes negative thinking and vice versa. This is what you need to understand first of all: the yoga diet is not aimed at creating an ideal body, its main goal is healing.

It is believed that the diet is of 3 types: sattvic, rajasic, tamasic diet.

TO sattwic products (that support mental hygiene) include: milk, dates, fruits, vegetables, wheat, barley, butter, honey, spinach, pumpkin.

TO rajasic products (that excite passions) include: fish, eggs, asafoetida.

TO tamasic products (that clouding the mind) include: beef, wine, garlic, onions.

Thus, even if the products of the latter category do not lead to weight gain, such a diet cannot be considered yogic, as they interfere with practice. What other foods should be consumed as little as possible? Everything is simple here: it's too spicy, bitter, salty, sour foods, stagnant, stale food, twice warmed up, dirty. People who eat meat are not able to maintain control over the psyche. Give up coffee and tea.

A common misconception is that true yogis should torture themselves with regular fasting. This is not true. A true yogic diet involves a healthy, balanced diet that will support the body during intense exercise. Yoga generally does not welcome restrictions. You yourself know what food you need. Love for fast food comes from unconsciousness, because you don’t hear your true needs, but as you practice yoga you will learn to determine what you need, what vitamins are missing, and the desire to eat “something sweet” will disappear.

You need to understand that we are all different, we all have different constitutions and we need to independently seek our "proper nutrition", and not rely on some kind of universal diet.

what should is there for those who practice yoga?

  • Boiled rice seasoned with ghee butter. Although Western nutritionists speak out sharply against this cereal, in the yoga tradition there are no complaints about it. Another surprise: it is believed that rice in milk with sugar, ghee butter, promotes good practice.
  • Milk is a very healthy product, especially for those who practice pranayama. Just do not boil it - it is better to bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat, so as not to destroy useful substances.
  • Butter cools the body well after breathing techniques.
  • Lemon juice and honey in the morning gives health, energy and purifies the blood.
  • In the evening, it is useful to drink milk and eat as light as possible.

Eat simple, natural, non-stimulating foods - this way they promote tissue repair, generate energy, and maintain the frequency of the mind.

How you eat is very important. Food must be thoroughly chewed - so it is well absorbed and eliminates psychological hunger. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere, in a good mood, without the accompaniment of movies or funny videos. Do not overdo it with portions and high-calorie foods, observe the measure. Eat so much food that it occupies no more than half of the stomach, fill a quarter of the stomach with water, and leave the rest for gas, then your diet can be considered moderate.

How to switch to a yoga diet?

Many people prefer dramatic changes, so it is supposedly easier to rebuild. In fact, behind this behavior there is a fear of frustration and a desire to quickly get positive results. Do not make sudden movements - this is fraught with severe stress, which only exacerbates nutrition problems. Instead, gradually introduce the rules of healthy eating into your life.

Watch the video: Diet for Higher Consciousness (April 2020).

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