How to meet your love

Inspiration for those who are in search, and those who have already despaired of finding a soul mate.

Everyone, of course, has its own path and unique history. And the purpose of my article is inspiration. The inspiration of those who are in search, those who are at the beginning of the journey, or those who have already despaired, or those who are completing some important stage, on the theme that Love does happen.

And it may not be at all bookish and instant. She can grow out of friendship or even online correspondence. Only open inside and let this happen, asking your angels to send your soul mate to you.

Write the image of the person you would like to meet

Write on paper the image of your ideal partner, pay more attention to internal qualities (as it turned out, “blond with blue eyes” is not enough for a happy marriage!) Write and what you need to become yourself to attract this person? What are your best qualities and skills give in return?

Write what disadvantages you are ready to put up with, and what you absolutely do not accept, so that the Universe has clear instructions for implementation. The Universe is a huge copy of your thoughts and desires, a huge materializing machine.

Make sure your goals match

Now a few words about creation. As it turned out, this item should be highlighted in bold! Here lies the sacred meaning of creating a union as a divine unit or, if you want, a cell of society.

If you look in one direction, you have common dreams, goals, values ​​and a way of life - this is a triple YES from the Universe. Otherwise, it turns out a story from a fable about a swan, cancer and pike ...

Do not be afraid of crises

Crises happen, even in beautiful like-minded couples. And here it will not be amiss to mention acceptance, respect and support. It helps me to understand that I have not yet met ideal people, and to know the minuses of my partner.

Then we ask ourselves the question: “Can I accept this and live with it? How can I help him?” Do not poke your nose, but support. Do not criticize, but just be near. Do not be clever, but keep silent. Do you know how? I'm just learning. But this is a fascinating and promising occupation, even on the scale of the whole Universe.

Everyone is given the merit and inner light that he radiates. So turn on, thank, shine. Everything will surely catch up on your inner light, including your beautiful Soulmate! Just believe!

Watch the video: How to manifest your SOULMATE Attracting love, your dream husband, partner, etc. (April 2020).

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