How is it to be a yoga teacher in a small town?

How to make yoga teaching worthy.

Time: 19.10. Dinner is ready, I’m changing clothes, I kiss my husband and child.
19.20. I leave the house. I'm going to the sports club.
19.30. I spread the mat. I connect the phone to Bluetooth and turn on my mantras. The lesson begins.

An hour later I see happy faces. People want to relax, they are tired. All day work, worries, affairs - an endless whirlwind of modern life. And then an hour. An hour for yourself. In order to deeply inhale and exhale, to look at your fingers in an inclination, to relax the brain, soul and heart.

A friend says that in their millionaire city there are a lot of yoga studios (hello, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don ...). She works in the largest, where there are four rooms, a recreation area, a cafe. And it's all about yoga!

I am from a city where 300 thousand people, of which 150 thousand work in factories. In the city of smoke, dirty broken roads, near a pine forest. The contrast of life. Do you think many people care about yoga?

But man needs it to love his life, himself, to feel the light, the sun, which is always above the clouds.

I got lucky. My dad, a lawyer by profession, taught me, a ten-year-old baby, yoga. We sat in Padmasan, got up on the Bridge, dad told me about meditation. At 18, I went to yoga for fun and immediately flew to other worlds in Shavasan.

It is easy to be happy when the sun shines most of the year, when there are clean streets and smiling passers-by. But in our city, work on oneself saves, which begins from the moment you spread the rug.

The difficulty for any teacher lies in the fact that all studies are in central cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg. You need to get there (A train? Airplane?). You need to live there (Relatives? Friends? Hotel?). And there is, that is, money is needed, at least.

The difficulty for any student is that not every teacher learns and develops. You can get to a beginner or fitness trainer, or just not to a competent person and no longer return to the mat.

But to become a student, you need to come. And in order to come, you need to find out that classes are generally taking place. That there is such a yoga, and that it is not about religion, not about the sect, and not about flexible goddesses.

What is needed for a decent teaching of yoga in a small town and what does it give?

A yoga community is being formed because people want to communicate. People are born with the sun inside, and they want to open it, share it with their associates, those who will support them. Entering the training room, I want to leave all the worries behind the door and in an hour go out with new strengths and desires.

Yoga community is formed not only from the teacher and his students, but also from the communication of teachers. In a small town, usually many teachers know each other. It is great to get together, organize seminars, joint practices, and retreats outside the city. And in small towns, you can invite teachers from central cities to share experiences.

The teacher needs to develop. Everyone wants to be better than yesterday. It is necessary not only to develop our tradition, but also to draw knowledge from the fields of medicine, anatomy, nutraceuticals, other yoga schools, and yoga therapy. The modern world opens up new opportunities for development: new courses are created online, where experienced teachers share their knowledge remotely. You can learn from foreign specialists, taking their courses in another language.

Interest in yoga is fueled by an emotional state. We strive to where they are waiting for us, love, where it is warm, calm and good, where you can recharge with energy. The teacher gives an atmosphere of goodness, and it does not depend on what city you live in. When leaving home with a light back, a relaxed lower back, or strong arm muscles, students want to be relaxed, charged, positive, and with a smile on their faces.

And what about the small town? We are at the beginning of a long journey to cozy home coffee houses, eco-shops, schools of personal growth and awareness. Only we ourselves can change our world, but we need to start the changes from ourselves. "Practice and everything will come."

Watch the video: How I became a yoga teacher and Lakewood, CO yoga studio owner (April 2020).

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