Food supplement E1450

Emulsifiers are substances without which it is impossible to imagine the modern food industry. More than half of the products on the shelves of supermarkets contain emulsifiers. Their main task is to mix incompatible chemical components, as well as create a dense, stable product structure. Emulsifiers are also used to increase the volume of the product and retain moisture in it, which can significantly extend the shelf life, as well as by increasing the amount of the product artificially. In addition, emulsifiers can affect taste, color, smell, and so on. One such food supplement is the E1450 food supplement.

Food supplement E1450: what is it

Food supplement E1450 - starch ether and octenyl succinic acid sodium salt. Such a complex and unpronounceable name hides the usual modified starch. In food, it is used as a thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer. Chains of this starch are bound by acid in the form of a half ether. Emulsifier E1450 in appearance is a white powder - crystalline and water soluble. It is worth noting that the word "modified starch" does not mean gene modification, therefore, this starch is not a carcinogen.

The main properties of the emulsifier E1450 is the mixing of incompatible components, giving the product a stable consistency, as well as the formation of foam and preservation of its structure. The emulsifying properties of E1450 allow the use of this additive in the production of various refined products, the consistency of which is difficult to maintain for a long time. These are mayonnaises, sauces and dairy products. To prevent these products from stratifying into components during storage, the emulsifier E1450 is added to the composition. It is this emulsifier that can significantly extend the shelf life of the product, while maintaining its consistency for a long time. Also, this food supplement allows you to maintain the viscosity of the products, preventing them from excessive thickening during long-term storage.

When mixed with water, modified starch forms a stable paste, due to which an attractive consistency of many food products is achieved. First of all, these are various dairy products: yogurts, desserts, curds and products from them. E1450 is also used in the production of cheese, creating a dense structure. Various instant foods also contain this nutritional supplement: in the process of this fastest cooking, E1450 allows you to create the desired consistency of the product, whether it is soup, porridge, broth, and so on.

E1450 is widely used in the manufacture of confectionery and carbonated drinks due to its ability to retain the structure of the foam. It is through this nutritional supplement that cream-based cakes and pastries can maintain volume and structure over time, creating the appearance of freshness. In addition, this supplement is also a flavor enhancer.

Dietary supplement E1450: is it dangerous or not?

Allegations of the harmlessness of this food supplement are based on the assumption that this modified starch is absorbed by humans in the same way as regular starch. According to the studied biochemical processes in the human body, ordinary starch, getting into the digestive tract, is transformed into glucose, which is a source of energy. But it is worth noting that this is only an assumption. There is simply no reliable evidence that this modified starch is absorbed in the same way as regular starch. And on the basis of such a theoretical assumption, making statements about its harmlessness is not entirely objective. Everything is based only on assumption. Despite this, on February 20, 1995, the European Parliament Directive numbered 95/2 established the safety of this food supplement at the legislative level, but for some reason, it was clarified that the maximum allowable daily dose is 50 g per 1 kg of product. The establishment of the maximum permissible dose already raises suspicions regarding the product's safety. What can happen if the dosage is exceeded and whether the manufacturers will zealously observe it is an open question.

In addition to the dubious theory that modified starch is split according to the same principle as normal, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the E1450 emulsifier itself is used in the production of unhealthy products. The ability of this food supplement to create stable fat emulsions allows you to create mayonnaises, sauces, dairy, confectionery products from synthetic components. In addition, the E1450 emulsifier allows you to retain moisture, which significantly prolongs the shelf life and increases the volume, and this food supplement improves the taste of synthetic products, which is also nothing more than a hoax to consumers.

It is also worth noting that WHO scientists noted that the use of food supplement E1450 can lead to the development of urolithiasis. Despite this, this food supplement is allowed in almost all countries of the world.

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