Male, female and mixed yoga groups. Strengths and weaknesses of separation. O. Vladimirenko

Having started teaching, it is important to really assess your strengths and capabilities. Everything needs a balance. Excessive groups can run out of energy and desire to teach. Of course, it is necessary to be friendly, sympathetic, sympathetic with those involved, but try not to get too involved in the life and personal problems of people who come to classes. At least for the first time, until we get involved in classes, until we learn how to recover from classes and until we understand that we are "on the shoulder", that we can withstand. Each of us will have everything individually.

People of different ages come to the gym, with different limitations in the body, with different self-confidence, with their fears and problems. It would be ideal to lead separately groups of men, women.

Purely female groups - I think this is a great option. First of all, in connection with energy. It is no secret that female and male energies are very different. It is not for nothing that our heterogeneous ancestors slept separately, so that women remained feminine, and men were courageous defenders.

Secondly, comfortable. Women are not shy of each other, calmly perform inclines and inverted asanas. In the presence of men, embarrassment, inconvenience, and stiffness are often noticeable, especially in obese women.

In the women's team, you can not be afraid to call the parts of the body out loud. Some men in the class don't like this.

Sincere conversations before class and after practice often develop into friendship, a close-knit team is created, mutual assistance, support of each other.

In the female group, you can study the most common enslavements in the female body, which will be relevant for this group. There is an opinion that women do not need power asanas, they lack power and do not need it. I personally believe that both women and men need a sturdy and strong body. We need a harmoniously built complex that will help build balance in the body.

The only negative is that if you are carried away by communication, you need to try not to turn hatha yoga classes into a female hobby club.

Unfortunately, there are very few male groups. There is an opinion among men that yoga is not a male affair at all. But, trying to do hatha yoga, to their surprise, men really appreciate these classes and especially the condition after practice. I think that it is men's yoga in the coming years that will develop very actively. It is especially important for men to work out their body and spirit. Yoga requires physical and spiritual strength, endurance, stamina, peace of mind, the ability to concentrate, the ability to breathe and relax properly. Such qualities are important to all people. The flexibility of the body leads to the flexibility of the mind. Balance teaches us to control the body, then balance enters our ordinary life. Classes develop willpower, concentration, and the ability to be disciplined. When observing the mind, breathing, your body, you develop peace of mind. I am sure that any man would only be "FOR" the development of such qualities.

In our small northern city, very few men go to yoga classes due to the heavy workload at work, they simply do not have time to start classes. Information on the multilateral benefits of yoga in our city is scarce.

General groups are a common practice and by far the most common option. It is still difficult to assemble a purely female or male group for classes. If classes are held in fitness centers, then women and men will come, in addition, of different ages. Mixed groups, on the other hand, are the best option if hatha yoga is your only income.

In mixed groups, it is necessary to maintain balance on the rug. In my opinion, these are the most difficult exercises in terms of emotional and energy load. Complexes need to be universal, use asanas, which have more options for simplifications and complications, so that students can adjust the load for their body and do not get bored of lovers to "get harder."

While working on this essay, I admitted to myself that after finishing the courses I want to recruit a group of elderly people to do hatha yoga. Many older people do not come to yoga classes, as they are shy of younger students. The spine is numb, joints are motionless, muscle mass is weakened. I myself was like that five years ago. I was more fortunate - I worked in the same office as a beginner yoga teacher. I had no fear and doubts, they explained everything to me and encouraged me. I myself came to yoga because of back pain, life only on injections, excess weight, weak muscles and mental fatigue.

Hatha yoga classes at the physical level will certainly lead to changes at the internal level. The main thing is to share your knowledge and energy with your students at the right time.

Soon I will be 50 years old. It doesn’t scare me; on the contrary, I’m happy that I can prepare for myself a work that I like and need for others. Those who should come to my classes, with whom we are connected from life to life, will come to me.

I am grateful to all the teachers of the past, present and future who help me from life to life. Om!

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