As I understand it, karma and reincarnation? K. Khabibrakhmanova

Karma and reincarnation are topical and burning topics at all times. Is there life after death? What is life like? Where are we going? Or are we disappearing? Who were we before? How did you end up here? And why do we need the laws of life, moral principles and commandments?

Each person asks himself these and many similar questions at least once in his life. But the answers to them are very different, and today not all people accept and believe in past and future lives and destinies.

If you look at the sources of the holy scriptures, the sages of the past, you can find that laws such as karma and reincarnation did not raise doubts among people of past south, brighter eras. This was obvious, and on this was built human life and the laws of righteousness and justice.

So what is reincarnation? It is believed that reincarnation is the transfer of the soul from one body to another, from one life to another, after the death of the body. Here you need to understand who is moving, and talk about the soul, jiva, the essence of a human or other living being. The soul is an eternal spiritual particle, a jiva, which, as Krishna Arjuna says in the Bhagavad-gita, is eternal, not destroyed, it cannot be killed in any way, because it is spiritual and stands above the material sphere. There was no time when it did not exist, and there will not be such a time when it does not exist. In some writings of antiquity there is an opinion that the soul is eternal and eternally abides in the spiritual world where there is no time. And here, in the material world, she abides only by her consciousness, and this is like reflection in water. There is a tree and it grows on the bank of the river, but also in the river there is its reflection. It is distorted, and under the influence of the wind, the waves on the water surface constantly distort the reflection of the tree. Similarly, the true essence of the soul is distorted by the coverings of the ego, reason, mind, feelings, material elements of the body, and, being conditioned, the soul considers itself to be these reflections, not seeing its essence under such cover lenses. So, a person can consider himself a creature of a certain gender, belonging to a certain nation, a resident of a country, city, planet, son or father of a person. But, if you look at the soul, we will see that the body is just a shell consisting of material elements, and is not related to the soul itself. So, each body in this world, whether it is the body of an insect, microbe, animal, bird or person, has its own characteristics and life span.

After the expiration of the life time in the body, when it wears out and becomes unusable, the soul leaves this shell and passes into another, new shell in a new body. These transition phenomena are commonly called death and birth. But in fact, this is similar to how a person exchanges old clothes for new ones.

Since a person still often does not think about these phenomena and does not study these concepts deeply in our time, the transition under the name "death" can be very difficult and causes a lot of fear and pain. Why is this happening? Why do people see everyone around them dying, but living as if they themselves would never die? The answer to this question is probably that the soul has its eternal nature, sat-chit-ananda, that is, it is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss. Therefore, being eternal, it is very difficult for her to believe and accept the fact of annihilation. But since she does not remember that this body is just a shell, and death is just a transition, she suffers very much and cannot accept the fact of death. Knowing the eternity of the soul and reincarnation gives us the opportunity to become happier and not be afraid of death. This is an amazing truth, reflecting on which, you can prepare your consciousness for this transition and free yourself from many fears of being.

Today, there are many scientific studies and justifications for such a phenomenon as reincarnation. People experiencing clinical death, exits from the body, recalling their past lives in hypnosis or in regression sessions, or in a coma, leaving these conditions completely change their attitude to life, because they can no longer live as before. There are a lot of such examples.

The process in which the soul participates is life in this world, otherwise called samsara, the cycle of birth and death. But if one accepts the fact of reincarnation, the following questions arise: who have I been in the past and who will I be in the next life? What does it depend on? And can I influence my future incarnation?

To answer this question, knowledge of the law of causation, or the law of karma, will help us. Translated from Sanskrit, "karma" means "action". Action always leads to a certain result. Just like any consequence there is a reason. Often, people ask themselves: why do bad things happen to good people? Why do I need such suffering? Or, why was he so lucky that he did nothing for this? The law of karma gives us the opportunity to see and accept with understanding the events that come into our lives and in the lives of other living beings, which can also free us from suffering, envy, bitterness, etc. If a person is very rich, but in this life did not put any effort into it, the law of karma tells us that in a past life he performed certain actions to obtain such a result in the future. If a person is poor, sick and has difficult living conditions, the law of karma gives us the opportunity to assume that in a past life he lived so that he now received such fruits. That is, we create the conditions for what is happening to us. So, I found myself in a material shell of a certain type. You can study for a long time who I was in the past, it is very curious for many. But in fact, the most important thing for me is the life that awaits me in the future. Therefore, it is very important how I live now and what actions I perform. My future life depends on this.

Karma is a very broad concept. It consists of seeds, sprouts and fruits. Fruits are already what we have received in this life, and what is almost impossible to change, for example, the body in which I was born, parents, etc. Sprouts are what sprout, but we can change the intensity of experiencing these phenomena. Seeds are what we throw into the soil, which will grow in the future. But it may not be sprouts, depending on our consciousness, on how we change and what decisions we make and what we do. Interestingly, it is believed that our fate depends on our thoughts. Thought breeds attachment, which leads to an action that creates a habit, and the habit develops into fate. Therefore, to be happy, you need to improve your karma. How to do this? A person must learn to be conscious, or attentive to his actions at the level of body, mind and speech. What we are thinking about today, tomorrow we will say, and the day after tomorrow we will do it. Therefore, cleansing the mind is one of the most important tasks of a person on the path to happiness. The secret is to transform, transform negative thoughts, feelings and emotions into positive ones. This can be done only with knowledge about karma and reincarnation, about what actions will lead us to what consequences and results.

So, at the level of the mind, we must change our actions, transforming greed into satisfaction, anger into patience, ignorance into knowledge.

At the level of speech, we must learn to be truthful instead of lying, to seek reconciliation instead of slander, to make our speech soft instead of rude and not to utter idle talk. As they said in antiquity, silence is gold.

At body level, we must observe purity. And the most important law with which everything begins is not causing harm. We must understand that we do not have the right to kill sentient beings and cause them physical suffering and torment. On the contrary, we must strive to save their lives. Knowledge about the soul will also help us to change here. After all, everything that lives, breathes, exists - it is the same spiritual eternal particle, due to the material shell. And we are very similar to her. It is also important to learn not to take someone else's. In fact, there is nothing ours. We came to the world of objects that were already here, and nothing belongs to us. You need to learn how to give and share. It awakens the eternal qualities of the soul. And also we must monitor the cleanliness of the house in which we live, our shell - the body. And prevent dirt physical and mental.

So, based on the foregoing, we can conclude that we are all responsible for our actions and thoughts. This builds our destiny, and we ourselves are the cause of all our troubles and joys, our happiness and unhappiness. Knowledge of laws of life such as karma and reincarnation are precious stones in our hands that open the way for us and provide the keys to a brighter future.

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