You did not say love

One wise man went to heaven.

- How did you live your life? the angel asked him.

“I was looking for the truth,” the sage answered.

- It's good! - the angel praised the sage. - Tell me, what did you do to find the truth?

“I knew that the wisdom accumulated by people was recorded in books, and I read a lot,” said the sage, and the angel smiled.

- Religion gives heavenly wisdom to people. “I studied holy books and went to temples,” the sage said. The smile of the angel became even brighter.

“I traveled a lot in search of truth,” continued the sage, and the angel nodded graciously.

“I loved talking and arguing with other sages.” Truth was born in our disputes, ”the sage added, and the angel nodded his head again.

The sage was silent, and the face of the angel was suddenly darkened.

“Did I do something wrong?” - the sage was surprised.

“You did everything right, but you did not say anything about love,” answered the angel.

- I did not have time for love, I was looking for the truth! - proudly declared the sage.

“There is no truth where there is no love,” the angel exclaimed bitterly. - And the deepest truth is born only from the deepest love.

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