The nuts were given a choice - hold bolts tight or loose. Some quick nuts quickly figured out that they were all parts of a single mechanism. What is the meaning of their physical existence - to ensure the functioning of this mechanism as best as possible and longer. They did so conscientiously. The choice was not difficult.

But there were even more advanced nuts that were able to calculate and prove that this mechanism is a military machine designed to kill, including innocent people. "Killing the innocent is bad," the nuts decided, and since then many of them have chosen blabbering as a resistance to evil.

A group of medium nuts learned that the mechanism kills the innocent just to save everyone else's life. The innocent were infected with a terrible disease. Those nuts that believed the medium nuts decided to hold the bolts as tight as possible. They chose a small evil for the great good.

One prophet nut received the revelation that “everyone else” is actually a population of harmful mold that destroys everything and everyone. What if this mold is not stopped, sooner or later everything will die. The prophet nut was respected, and many nuts began to loose. In the name of the Life of all things.

It soon turned out that part of the nuts held the bolts tight, and part loosened. At the same time, both those and others were no longer sure that they were correctly fulfilling their highest mission.

The hard work is free will. Especially with a lack of information.

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