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Alas, neither vegetarianism, nor yoga, nor meditation protects against what is clogged with air in the house.

Those who are curious or conceited enough to want to live to a very old age are divided into two types. For the sake of preserving their health and longevity, they resort to external means, on this list there may be “magic” pills, a knife of a plastic surgeon, strict diets and beauty injections. Others change their lifestyle from the inside out - they choose a conscious approach to nutrition, try to listen to their body, learn to meet everyday stresses, practice meditation, train their body and soul with the help of yoga practices. The only thing that we, it would seem, are not able to influence is the environment. How much is this in the modern world?

Apartment from the periodic table

On the one hand, the achievements of civilization gave us the opportunity to travel at the speed of light, send letters to each other in an instant, and work from anywhere in the world using the Internet. However, increasing the level of comfort in life, especially in big cities, poses an environmental issue quite acutely, because outside the air is polluted by industrial enterprises and cars, but the indoor air is filled with all the chemistry that makes up our lives. Alas, neither vegetarianism, nor yoga, nor meditation protects against what is clogged with air in the house. These are formaldehydes, benzene, toluene - almost the entire "periodic table", which is distinguished by pressed wood furniture, paints and varnishes, floor coverings, as well as exhaust gases and tobacco smoke penetrating from open windows. Household chemicals that we are used to using to make our home cleaner are often toxic and even dangerous to our health. Aerosols - deodorants for the body and air fresheners are considered not the most useful.

But not only refined products make space potentially dangerous - bacteria invisible to the eye, mold, dust, even our pets - cats and dogs - contribute their “five cents” to the airspace of the house. The air in the apartment, according to the medical publication European Respiratory Journal, can be 5 times more polluted than in the street. Can we ignore this fact?

Light lungs

It turns out that the dirtier the air we breathe, the more often we get sick. The famous British nurse Florence Nightingale back in 1860 (when there were no problems with air pollution like today) wrote about the importance of clean air for human health. According to more recent research from the Harvard School of Public Health, improving the air quality we breathe also increases average life expectancy. The US Environmental Protection Agency claims indoor air pollution is one of the 5 most important threats to human health today. Moreover, it is not only a danger to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, it is an average person who, from polluted air in places of life, often catches a cold and suffers more from an exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Subtle toxins. It is precisely because we do not feel any particulate matter in the air at all, and the protective mechanisms of our body are not able to delay them, that they freely pass through the respiratory system into the bloodstream and then into every cell of our body. Besides such an immediate threat, there are others.
  • Oxygen starvation. As you know, it is pure air that provides a more intensive supply of oxygen to the brain. The less polluted air we breathe, the more effective respiratory practices are.
  • Food is not for the future. Few people pay attention to how important it is to keep the respiratory system in order for proper metabolism. Pure air, saturated with oxygen, and not with a mixture of harmful microparticles, is necessary for our muscles for the normal functioning of the digestive tract, for the promotion and processing of food.
  • And a good mood ... The development of such an important neurotransmitter as serotonin, which, among other things, is also responsible for our mood, depends on the purity of the air.

Must-have for home, for family

What do we do to protect the lungs, and therefore the whole body from pollution? We aerate the rooms, fill the house with potted plants. But this, experience shows, is not enough, and therefore air purifiers are becoming an increasingly organic part of the home appliance fleet every year. At the same time, manufacturers are trying to take into account all the new requirements of today, developing multifunctional systems.

  1. Enough for everyone! Modern buildings have become more airtight, which means that the circulation of air in the rooms is difficult. The creators of the air purifier of one of the most popular British brands in the world, Dyson, took this into account in the new development. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool ™ air purifier not only purifies the air, but also distributes it evenly throughout the house - thanks to Air Multiplier ™ technology to enhance airflow.
  2. Cold hot. The developers of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool ™ air purifier took into account the “3 in 1” characteristic necessary for modern technology. This device not only purifies the air, but is also able to work both in the fan mode (for example, in the heat) and in the heating mode - which is especially convenient during long winters with blurry autumn-spring borders.
  3. Guide - and rule. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool ™ air purifier is also equipped with Jet Focus technology, which allows you to choose between two modes of air flow. To quickly heat a specific place in the room, for example, where the crib is, you can turn on the directional mode. The second - diffuse - mode will distribute the air evenly throughout the room.
  4. Trivia, but nice. And useful! Indeed, it is impossible to imagine modern technology without a remote control. And the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool ™ cleaner, of course, has a remote control with an air flow rate scale of 1 to 10 and control of the body's rotation function. The developers made sure that the remote control was not lost - it is attached to the body on a magnet. This new Dyson device also has a sleep timer that can be set between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

Once we did without a washing machine, and without a food processor, and without an electric dishwasher. Over time, these inventions have firmly entered our everyday life and free up time to take care of ourselves and loved ones. Now the time has come for technology that directly takes care of health. Today, thanks to air purifiers, we can breathe clean air in our apartments and houses and get less sick. And tomorrow it will be difficult to imagine at home without this saving technique.

Watch the video: Blue - Breathe Easy Official Video (April 2020).

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