Workshop: Soma with Map Singh Khals

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February 21
Open world
2500-3500 rub.

We invite you on February 21 at 19.00 to the seminar of the Legendary Teacher of Kundalini Yoga! Soma with Map Singh Khals is a powerful seminar and an opportunity to be in the Masters field! Singh Khals Map is a whole world where you can allow yourself to live with dignity, with respect and compassion for others. A meeting with him is always a living of unexplored conditions. In his presence, you firmly and decisively enter into long-term practices, fearlessly go into cold water, openly recount something that you have hidden for a long time and especially carefully even from yourself, freeze like a child, in delight, listening to Sufi tales, parables and legends to which he is a great master.

Each class of Singh Card is always a challenge that you meet with joy, because a gift is inevitably waiting. And this is not a magical transformation, not a transformation - nothing supernatural. This is the Way to oneself, which allows you to free the Soul from the stratifications of all that is superfluous so that it shines with its original light, and in this radiance the true reality would appear before you with a detailed clarity that dispels all doubts, illusions and conflicts. For some it’s just “dusting off”, for someone it’s a massive restoration, but for everyone it’s a reverent and deep touch with Infinity.

His motto is: "Everything that is not transmitted is lost."

You will find a seminar that has no age restrictions and is suitable for any level of training!

Cost: until January 14 - 2 500 rubles. until February 1 - 3,000 rubles. until February 15 - 3,500 rubles; from February 20 - 4,000 rubles

10% discount for members of the Federation of Teachers of Kundalini Yoga and nonresident.

Venue: Center "Open World"

Moscow, metro Tulskaya ul. Pavlovskaya d. 18 Big hall on the 1st floor. We remind you that you need to take a rug with you.

Registration at: [email protected]

contact phones: +79165566112 or +79031100518

Watch the video: Karta Time 3 (April 2020).

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