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Shiv Charan Singh - Kundalini Yoga teacher, founder and Director of the School of Numerology Karam Kriya in London, consultant consultant, head of international programs for the development of practical communication skills. Studying the numbers that accompany a person in life gives a special approach to communication and awareness of life itself. He studies numbers with the help of life and studies life with the help of numbers. Author of the book "Five Voices of Communication, or The Art of Healing Talk."

Shiv Charan Singh is a bearer and keeper of sacred knowledge, has extensive experience in healing practices. It offers ways to unite eastern and western knowledge systems, integrates ancient and modern sciences. Thoughtful and attentive researcher of life and human conditions, he generously shares wisdom, humility and the unique art of healing communication with his students. Shiv Charan Singh creates an unknown space of awareness in his classes. It has a lot of ether, which means a lot of information and beauty. In this space, the questions that are inside begin to change unexpectedly. And it often happens that the answer is born from the depths, even before you ask the question. Indeed, each question already contains an answer, Shiv Charan Singh teaches. Take the unique opportunity to stay in the mysterious and harmonious space of a thoughtful and subtle Teacher!


November 11, 19.00 - A unique class "11-11-11" with a master of numerology - Shiv Charan Singh. Class subject: Death of the old for the life of the new. The cost of 2300 rubles.

November 12 and 13. Seminar topic: 10 Sikh Gurus as a source of inspiration to live, based on the numbers of the date of birth.

10.00 - 13.00. The cost of 2300 rubles.

15.00 - 18.00. The cost of 2300 rubles.

When buying 2 classes - 4000 rubles.

When buying 4 classes - 7300 rubles.

Description of the class and the seminar: Gurus are the embodiment of primary intelligence. An intelligence that stands above the astral realm of heaven, where angels play their space theater. Unlike the archetypes of the Gods, the lives and personalities of the Gurus were not filled with emotional and reactive drama. The life of a Guru is an absolute example of a life free from vices and full dignity. Each Guru directly represents a number. Therefore, we can draw a direct connection between our date of birth and the Guru, and find guidance for the spiritual elevation of our lives in accordance with our higher Self.

Also this weekend we will consider 4 main models or sequences that regulate the flow of our life in time. And we will see how it is shown through the date of our birth. When we shift our attention from the content of our problems and look instead at the process of our experience, we can get an opportunity to improve our self-government. One of the results of this action is greater success in our life projects. Each person has an optimal management structure for his own process. This structure can be defined and applied in new directions that lead to increased efficiency. These personal sequences are a way to show our superiority.

For teachers of the Federation of Teachers KY 10% discount.

Tickets can be purchased at the club "Your World", in all halls of the Yoga Federation, in the Federation of Teachers, in the studio "Surya Ram", in the online store

November 11 and 14 individual consultations. Record by phone +7 (495) 663-22-88. The cost of 4000 rubles. Translation services 500 rub.

Watch the video: Humanologia con Shiv Charan Singh Reencarnacion, sexualidad (April 2020).

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